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    Senior community to host dementia workshop

    When your loved one has dementia, the legal and financial impact can be significant, and you may wonder where to start in mapping out a plan for the future.“Dementia Conversations – Legal and Financial Planning for Alzheimer’s Disease” is a free informational seminar that will help you answer common questions about the financial and legal issues you’ll face.You’ll learn about the important legal and financial issues to consider when a loved one has Alzheimer&#...  Read More...

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    Get to know Shawna Stucky

    Wichita Presbyterian Manor is excited to have Shawna Stucky on board as the new social service director. Shawna has been working in healthcare for eight years as a social worker, more recently at Larksfield Place. She joined our community in July.“I am enjoying the family-like atmosphere at Wichita Presbyterian Manor.   Read More...

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    Resident’s book holds mirror up to modern Christianity

    In her new book, “Seeking to Become Whole: Creating a Transformed Church for All the Children of God,” resident Pat Welker explores how the actions of modern-day Christians match up to the parables of Jesus’ life and what can be done to create a more inclusive church.Finished nearly a year ago, the book just began hitting shelves this past June. But while such a delay may frustrate some authors, Pat believes the message behind her book is actually more relevant now than ever be...  Read More...

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    Introducing Carol Gibbon

    Living well and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle is a vital focus for Wichita Presbyterian Manor and many of our residents. We have been pleased to offer aquatic and land classes and the availability of a fitness gym. As an expansion of our health and wellness program, we are excited to announce that in partnership with Aegis Therapies®, we have added a full-time health and wellness director.Carol Gibbon recently joined our campus in this role and leads all of our wellness programs and class...  Read More...

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    Coming soon: Jusk Ask event on dementia

    Perhaps you know someone affected by dementia or are the caregiver of someone living with dementia. Dementia is not a specific disease, but an overall term that describes a group of symptoms associated with a decline in memory and thinking skills. Although this diagnosis can be worrisome, we want you to know that you are not alone.Across America alone, millions of individuals and their family members live with the symptoms and conditions of dementia.   Read More...

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