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Move to WPM feels like going home

For Anita and Steven Chartier, the decision to move to Wichita Presbyterian Manor began years ago, when both their parents made the same decision.

“We’ve had many years of experience with this place,” Anita said. “We always talked that some day when we needed to we’d come to the manor. Our home was only two miles from here. Our kids are familiar with it. When it was obvious that we needed to do something besides stay in the house by ourselves, this was our first and only choice.”

Initially, Anita and Steven prepared to make the move because of memory issues that had begun to affect Steven. But as it turned out, the move was essential for Anita, too.

“We thought it was necessary for us to move here before he needed memory care so he could get used to the place” Anita said. “But we needed to move here for me, too. I’ve had health problems and had pacemaker put in. It was different than we anticipated but it worked best for all concerned. We had a place for him to be that wasn’t stressful for him, even though I wasn’t able to be with him for a while.”

Adding to the comfort is the fact that many of their neighbors at WPM have been friends and members of their church for more than 40 years.

“There are people here who worked here when our parents lived here,” Anita said. “That’s been really special - they saw us and called our names and hugged us. It’s been really important to us. It made us feel like we’re coming home. We have different apartments here that are housing members from our church - we’ve known those folks for 40-50 years. People we’ve had such a history with. These folks are long term friends. They make us feel so comfortable and at home here.”

Prior to making the move to WPM, Anita and Steven - who have been married for 54 years - owned the Legg company in Halstead. Anita worked as an educator, both in public schools and in church.

“Our life has been wonderful.”

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