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Why Summer Is the Best Time to Move to an Assisted Living Community

Choosing the right time to move to an Assisted Living community can greatly impact your overall experience. Summer’s warm weather and longer days offer an ideal opportunity for making such a significant transition. Besides enhancing the practical aspects of moving, this season can improve your home-selling prospects and enhance your social engagements as you integrate into your new senior living environment. Let’s explore why sunny summer days are the best time to embark on this new chapter of your life.

Homes Sell Better in the Summer

Home-selling trends indicate that summer is a fantastic time to sell your home. The longer days mean buyers have more time to view houses. Plus, the warmer weather kicks your home’s curb appeal into overdrive as everything is in full bloom. Summer is also a popular time for families to move while the kids are out of school.

Best of all, you may get a premium price for your home in the summer. A new study by ATTOM, a leading curator of real estate data, discovered that sellers get the highest percentage above market value in May. June sees the second-highest percentage. More money in your pocket from selling your home means more funds to cover living expenses, healthcare costs and new hobbies or other entertaining activities after retirement.

It’s Easier to Be More Productive

Increased daylight hours also enhance your energy level and help you be more productive. Improved productivity makes it easier to tackle all the tasks associated with moving.

You’ll have more time to sort through your belongings and decide what to keep, sell or donate. Decluttering and downsizing help you get organized and make your move more manageable. Longer days give you more time to pack, and moving companies are in full swing, with more options to schedule your move at a convenient time. Plus, you won’t worry about snow or ice delaying your move.

Outdoor Activities Offer Social Opportunities

Speaking of weather, summer’s favorable conditions mean you can spend more time pursuing outdoor activities at your new Assisted Living community. Outdoor pursuits provide an excellent opportunity to meet your new neighbors.

Wichita Presbyterian Manor has a full calendar of activities to keep you as active as you want to be in the summer and throughout the year. There’s always something to do on campus or in the community surrounding our community. We regularly schedule day trips in and around Wichita, Kansas, and attend special events off-site to provide even more things to do and see.

Besides our organized events, you can take advantage of the warm weather by asking a fellow resident to join you for a walk or a picnic. It’s a great way to start building friendships right away and help ease your transition to your new home.

Lighter Calendar Compared to Holiday Months

Compared to the winter holiday months, your calendar likely has fewer conflicts in the summer. This season often has a more relaxed pace with fewer family commitments. Your lighter schedule means more time to manage your move, so you don’t feel rushed.

It also allows more opportunities to interact with our staff and other residents because they aren’t overwhelmed with holiday events. A schedule not overloaded with holiday-related activities allows our staff to provide more personalized attention. We have more time to help you adjust and feel more comfortable in your new surroundings.

The Best Time to Explore the Community

Summer is the best time of year to explore the community. Exploring your new home is part of the fun of moving. Because the weather is typically more cooperative, you can enjoy strolling around the grounds to familiarize yourself with the layout and our various amenities.

Discover the beautiful outdoor settings your new home offers and the active lifestyle you can pursue. At Wichita Presbyterian Manor, we want you to live the way you want to live. Exploring and actively engaging with the community is a fantastic way to learn how you want to live.

Make the Move to Wichita Presbyterian Manor

There’s no better way to learn more about our senior living options than to schedule a visit. Start the next chapter of your life with positivity and enthusiasm by taking advantage of the summer months to see the community. Contact us at 316-942-7456 to take the first step toward a rewarding lifestyle change today!

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