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Wellness Department offers ways residents can be active and in shape

Most people have a love/hate relationship with working out. They love the benefits but hate the process. Luckily at Wichita Presbyterian Manor, residents have countless ways to get their blood pumping, keep their interest and have fun all at the same time.

For starters, the community offers a full schedule of land and water classes to provide residents with both a social outlet and a holistic approach to fitness.

“From ankle rolls to hand movements for dexterity and grip strength—we work on everything,” said Pamela Greenhaw, Wellness Director. “There are so many exercises that are important as we age, and we try and incorporate a little bit of everything into every class.”

While physical abilities and an individual’s overall level of fitness can vary greatly from one person to the next, it is important to Pamela that everyone feels comfortable and can receive the benefits of participating in the classes. The current resident-favorite cardio workout routine is done to the YMCA song.

“We have different levels in every class, but we always try to ensure that everyone can participate,” said Pamela. “Even if there are some limitations on what you can do, there are modifications to most every exercise.”

And those who regularly participate in the classes often become the Wellness Department’s best marketers.

“The people who come to class religiously are good at pulling their neighbors in to get them healthy,” said Pamela. “Once they try it, they experience the benefits.”

Beyond the organized classes, residents can also take advantage of the community’s on-site fitness center, which features two treadmills and a NuStep machine for a low-impact, cardiovascular-workout alternative.

“The fitness center is fantastic and has equipment that is beneficial for strength building and heart health.” said Pamela. “Some people prefer it to the class environment.”

No matter what their personal preference, Pamela is just happy to see residents remaining active and staying in shape.

“As you age, your gait and balance can change along with the strength in your legs,” said Pamela. “If you don’t keep up with resistance exercises, it’s amazing how quickly you can lose that strength.”

As for her own motivation, Pamela finds it in those she works with.

“The people are just fantastic. I love the fact that when they come to class, they might not really feel like exercising, but we try and smile and get it done together,” said Pamela.

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