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The great pumpkin patch

Residents accidently grew a pumpkin patch right in their courtyard.  Last year we sat our pumpkin from the pumpkin contest our in the courtyard so we could continue to admire it.  This spring low and behold a plant was coming out of the ground and residents where so excited that they will have their very own pumpkin to decorate for the contest this year.  Everyone checked on it daily and commented on how large the leaves are etc.   We kept watering it.  Jean and Wanda thought it was a squash plant then they started seeing flowers growing from the plant.   One day when we went to water the plant we saw something green and round growing from the plant.  It was for sure a pumpkin!  Sometime has passed and a resident said it needs to be picked before it splits.  We decided to pick it and had a guessing contest on how much it weighed.  Guesses ranged from 20-40lbs but weighed in at 13lbs 1oz.  To date we have 3 pumpkins on the vine.

-Helen Martinez, Life Enrichment Assistant

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