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Thank you, angels!

Established in the 1950s, the Good Samaritan Program provides funding to assist residents who outlive their financial resources through no fault of their own. Since the inception of our mission, Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America has ensured thousands of residents of its commitment that they will always have a home.

To continue to meet the growing need among seniors in our communities, we invited donors to become an “angel for a day” by making a contribution to the Good Samaritan Program over the Christmas holiday. In exchange for a donation to this program, a bell was placed on our Christmas tree as a reminder of their generosity.

“It’s a comforting thing to know we have the Good Samaritan Program as a back-up to assure we’ll always have a home,” said resident Doris Greenway. “I didn’t donate that much, but if everybody did a little bit that would help.”

To inspire each Presbyterian Manor community to get behind the annual fundraising campaign, there was some friendly competition created with added incentives.

“Communities were challenged when the campaign kicked-off in November—if they exceeded revenue from 2017 by 50 percent, the department of giving team would turn into elves and deliver cookies to employees at each campus. If they exceeded revenue by 100 percent, we would give them all t-shirts declaring they’re Good Samaritan champions,” said Sarah Oenning, senior director of development for Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America.

It worked. Wichita was No. 1! The 2018 Angel Appeal raised $10,545 for the Good Samaritan Program in that will directly affect 12 residents for one year.

“Wichita had a 187-percent increase in Angel fundraising dollars compared to last year,” said Sarah. “Five out of 17 communities achieved the 100 percent or more goal. They really exceeded last year’s revenue goals, and honestly, I think it’s because we are working hard to share the message of giving alongside employees who deliver the mission every day in a very caring, thoughtful and meaningful way. Knowledge is power. So when PMMA shares data and information about the effects of giving, the employees have the knowledge they can share. We know transparency is important.”

Sarah and other members of the development team delivered the good news to Wichita staff during a recent all-staff in-service day. As promised, they showed up with cookies for everyone and the T-shirts are in production.

We are honored by the staff and residents who so strongly identify with the heart of Presbyterian Manor’s mission that they give to the fund.

Thank you, angels, for donating to the 2018 Angel Appeal!

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert J. Addison
Mr. James and Mrs. Nancy Beach
Mrs. June O. Beachler
Ms. Doranne Beavers
Mrs. Donna Berner
Mrs. Katy J. Bevill
Ms. Ellen Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. W. Art Bloomer
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Brewer
Central Mechanical Wichita, LLC
Mrs. Joyce K. Craig
Mrs. Betty J. Curtis
Rev. and Mrs. John S. Decker
Mr. Luchion E. Doshier
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Etherington
Ms. Joanne L. Gardner
Mrs. Doris Greenway
Mrs. Margaret Harling
Ms. Martha V. Hartwell
Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Hitt
Mr. John and Mrs. Ann Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Lies
Mrs. Hazel Linder
Mrs. Rosella A. Linder
Ms. Nita A. Long
Mrs. Marilyn G. Lytle
Mr. Ira and Mrs. Claudia Mann
Mr. and Mrs. Tom B. McDavitt
Mrs. Betty J. McElhaney
Mrs. Ione McElhaney
Mr. and Mrs. David McGee
Mrs. Maxine McKinney
Mrs. Carolyn Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Max J. Miller
Mrs. Ann M. Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Nyberg
Mr. and Mrs. David Pack
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Mary Phelan
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Ritchey
Mrs. Myrne Roe
Mrs. Nancy J. Ross
Mrs. Dorothy J. Rowden
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Short
Miss Neva Siemens
Ms. Karen H. Smith
Mrs. Cecil L. Stares
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Stewart

PHOTOS: Sarah Oenning and Francesca Pack with the PMMA development team make good on their promise to dress as elves and deliver cookies to employees. Kristin Haimowitz and Melody Dodge are shown enjoying their sweet prize.

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