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Q & A with life enrichment staff

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Amy Watson, life enrichment director[/caption]

In recognition of Activity Professionals Month, we went in-depth with Life Enrichment Director Amy Watson to learn more about how she and the life enrichment team approach their work.

How do you see the role of activities in a senior living community like Presbyterian Manor? What does the term “life enrichment” mean to you?

Activities are an extremely important part of a senior living community. Many of our residents are looking for things to do. Many are widowed or lonely. We want them to feel like they have a family here. We want to provide meaningful, memorable activities and experiences to residents’ lives so that these years can be both fun and fulfilling. I try to plan my activities around the idea.You are never too old to try something new.

What sets your team apart?

Everyone truly cares for the residents and has unique talents that add to the PMMA mission. We like to have fun and it shows. It is genuine. We truly look to support one another in all areas of the community.

What activities are special or unique to Wichita Presbyterian Manor?

Our Pastor Appreciation Breakfast, Oktoberfest Party, various community artist receptions and Friday Happy Hour in the Pub.

What are some signature activities or recent additions that have been popular?

Our sing-alongs are so amazing. Bringing a community together to lift up our voices is such a joyous experience. We always have a great turnout for our monthly community-wide movies — the fresh popcorn draws them in. Campus-wide Bingo Bash parties are a huge hit.

Get to know your life enrichment team: 5 fun facts

February is Activities Professionals Month, and we thought it was the perfect time to find out a little more about our life enrichment team. See how many of these five fun facts you know about them!

We are blessed to have these dedicated, creative professionals in our community, serving our residents and helping them to live every day the way they want to live. Thank you!

Amy Watson, life enrichment director

• My first and only job is working for Presbyterian Manor (20 years). I started in Parsons, Kan., where I am from.

• Self-proclaimed DIY-er on home improvements, etc.

• I’ll go to any concert, no matter who is playing. I just like the experience.

• Not a fan of sweets.

• I don’t know a stranger.

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Meggin Nicolas[/caption]

Meggin Nicolas, Westerly independent living and events

• I have a twin brother (I am 1 minute older than he is).

• I love to craft, cook and camp.

• I am a California girl! I was born in Southern California.

• I love to dance.

• My favorite meal is a juicy steak and a baked potato with all the fixings. Pizza doesn’t even make the top 10.

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Angela Page[/caption]

Angela Page, Westwinds independent living

• I enjoy interacting with residents and co-workers, and working at Wichita Presbyterian Manor!

• I love taking care of my grandson, and I am very close to all three of my children.

• I’m working on home improvement projects this year, such as flooring, painting, lawn and flower garden upkeep.

• I enjoy watching movies on Netflix and Cox Contour, and listening to music.

• My favorite foods are Italian and Chinese.

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Julia Tritsch[/caption]

Julia Tritsch, Cottonwoods assisted living

• I am allergic to chocolate.

• I majored in art therapy and sociology.

• I enjoy baking, silversmithing and ceramics.

• My dogs are my kids.

• I was just married in January.

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Cristal Almeda[/caption]

Cristal Almeda, Cypress memory care

• I plan to learn how to swim.

• I’ve lived in Wichita for 17 years.

• I’m engaged.

• I have a furry son named Hercules.

• I really enjoy working in my area.

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Helen Martinez[/caption]

Helen Martinez, PATH/Willows health care

• I swoon over Barry Manilow.

• I am the oldest of 10 children.

• My son is my heart and my life.

• I was born in Montana.

• I won the ugly sweater contest this year.

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Kim Tuhro[/caption]

Kim Tuhro, PATH/Willows health care

• I love animals, especially dogs, and I have a Labrador retriever that weighs as much as I do.

• I have a degree in biology and was once interested in becoming a veterinarian.

• I used to work as a personal trainer, and I like learning about nutrition and fitness.

• My husband is handy — great at fixing and building things. He completely finished the basement in our house and is currently restoring an old Volkswagen pickup truck.

• I enjoy getting to know people and doing all kind of different activities, so I love working in life enrichment at Presbyterian Manor.

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