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Nurse Spotlight: Abbey Schaeffer

Abbey Schaeffer was the valedictorian of the College of Health Professions at Wichita State in 2018, when she graduated from the Bachelor of Skilled Nursing program with a 4.0 GPA.

The registered nurse made all A’s despite the fact that she attended class and studied while also working two jobs: one as a pharmacy technician, and another as a certified nursing aide at Wichita Presbyterian Manor. Even now, she’s not sure how she managed it.

“I drank a lot of coffee,” Abbey joked.

After graduation, she worked at another senior living community in Wichita before returning to Presbyterian Manor.

“I really wanted to be an RN here, but there weren’t any openings,” Abbey said. “I jumped at the chance to come back.”

She started as a case manager before being promoted to the position of multiple data set coordinator.

In this role, Abbey oversees patients’ medical assessments and care plans. Because her job is all about gathering information, she gets to know the residents “pretty well,” she said. As a consequence, her coworkers often ask for her opinion.

Her favorite part of her job is interacting with and getting to know the residents.

“I like the fact that we can put a smile on their face and make their day a little brighter,” she said.

The past few months have been an “intense and challenging time,” Abbey said. But she has relished the extra time she has spent with residents since the pandemic hit and families have been unable to visit in person. She has also helped facilitate video chats and window visits with residents’ loved ones.

Abbey is a third-generation nurse: both her grandmothers and her mom have worked in the field.

Her husband Brandon is also a registered nurse. The couple has been married a year and four months and have three pets: Heidi the chiweenie, Bailey the Goldendoodle, and Destry the cat.

Their favorite thing to do together is travel, and they have enjoyed trips to Disney World and a cruise to Cozumel. Abbey also enjoys hiking nature trails. She loves to sing and has a special talent:

“My friends call me the human jukebox, because I know every song and the lyrics to every song,” she said.

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