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Nancy and Chester fill each other’s stories

Nancy McKeller moved into Wichita Presbyterian Manor in October, and she’s had a host of friends who have helped make the transition smooth.

But none have been quite as critical to her story as her mini-Pomeranian, Chester.

“He was a rescue dog. He’s written his own little story,” Nancy said. “Of course, I had to hold the pencil. When I got him, I knew that he’d probably outlive me, so he has a story about how he came to be my dog. He and I are best buds.”

Chester, it turns out, is a near perfect companion for Nancy as she has learned to make her way around the manor.

“He can go around with me everywhere in the manor,” Nancy said. “I haven’t taken him to play Mexican Train, which I play three nights a week. He would get tired of it. He’s a very good little boy.”

He’s also become a fixture around the community, and a popular petting stop for everyone.

“All the staff and residents know him,” Nancy said. “Often I’ll take him in the afternoon to the library, and I think people want to talk to me, but they really want to see Chester. Sometimes, I take him, and we just sit, and he can see people and he really likes that. But he likes treats the best.”

Nancy said that Chester gets only healthy snacks, and no table scraps - despite his begging to the contrary. He knows where the treats are located, and though he might stare at them longingly, they are too high for him to reach.

“He has stairs to get on the bed so he can look out the window when I’m not here,” Nancy said. And he naps because he’s tired from begging for treats all day.”

But, she stressed, he is a clever dog and very good at getting extra treats during the day. And Nancy agrees that sometimes it’s just hard to say no.

“Life is short. Eat the treats.”

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