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Move to Wichita reduces space between family

When Kay Warner made the move to Wichita Presbyterian Manor from Burdett, in Western Kansas she cut down the space between her and her granddaughters.

“I have one daughter in Burdett and the other in Wichita,” Kay said. “All of my grandchildren and great grandchildren live in Wichita. It’s a very close family.”

Kay spent her career working as a teacher in Burdett - which is famous as the home of astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, who discovered Pluto.

“I met him once,” Kay said. “He’s a very nice man and easy to talk to, and a genius. It’s still Pluto - we do not accept in Burdett that it’s not a planet.”

Kay moved to Wichita Presbyterian Manor in July and said the adjustment has been rather easy.

“I very much like it,” Kay said. “People are friendly. It’s very nice. Right now, I’m taking a course from Wichita State University on Shakespeare - I enjoy it and want to pick up some other things.”

She also said the staff has been easy to work with.

“They work very hard,” Kay said. “They are very good. It’s hard to remember names and faces at my age, but I’m getting better at it. When you move here, everyone knows you’re here, so they know you, but I don’t know all of them.”

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