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Joyce Carr’s PATH to success

Following a brief stay in the hospital, Leota “Joyce” Carr chose Wichita Presbyterian Manor’s PATH® (Post Acute to Home) program for her short-term rehabilitation. She heard numerous recommendations from friends and family who had loved ones who received exemplary care at the community. Their endorsements aided her decision-making, as well as the location, with the community being only eight minutes from her home. Then when one of her physicians, Dr. Mohammed, also recommended Wichita Presbyterian Manor, her mind was made up.

A week before her scheduled surgery, Joyce and her granddaughter toured the community. They were impressed by the size of the room and the overall cleanliness of the campus. After her rehabilitation stay, when asked about her experience at Presbyterian Manor, she praised the care she received from the therapy staff.

She was initially concerned about whether they would be able to manage the pain behind her knee, but found the staff to be professional, friendly and experienced in their care. In addition to the care, she also was impressed by the education they provided when she was discharged home, which was instrumental in ensuring her success going home.

Joyce was excited to return home, play with her grandkids and resume her bible study. Overall, her PATH stay was very favorable. She said “the entire staff was very helpful and patient. It really felt like they cared about me and provided quality care.”

When asked if she would recommend Wichita Presbyterian Manor to a friend or family member she happily replied, “Oh my goodness, YES! They have good food and a great atmosphere.”

For more information on Wichita Presbyterian Manor’s PATH program, call 316-942-7456 or email chudspeth@pmma.og.

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