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How to Choose the Right Senior Living Apartment When Downsizing

As people age, they often end up with more living space than they realistically need or wish to maintain. For example, if you reside in a multiple-bedroom home with a living room, dining room and several bathrooms, there are probably some rooms you rarely enter, never mind use. This is a sign it may be time to downsize.

However, it can be challenging to determine how much space you'll need when moving from a single-family home to an Independent Living community. Here are a few factors to consider when downsizing to find the right senior living apartment for your needs.

How Frequently Do You Expect Overnight Visitors?

Many people believe they need a larger apartment because they're used to having more space. However, once they condense their items, they realize a small- to mid-size apartment is enough. One way to determine what size apartment best fits your needs is to decide how frequently you'll make use of the space.

Before choosing a two-bedroom apartment instead of a single bedroom, consider how often you anticipate hosting overnight guests. Do they need a full bedroom to themselves, or will they be just as comfortable in a smaller space? Because overnight visits are usually temporary, consider how you'll make use of that space after they leave to figure out if it's worth it.

At Wichita, we offer guest suites as a community amenity for visiting friends or family, if you need additional space.  

Are You Hanging Onto Treasured Belongings?

Sifting through treasured belongings during a downsize is a nostalgic experience, evoking fond memories and emotions. You may be tempted to pack everything that reproduces a good feeling. However, the memories will remain even if you get rid of the object. Focus on packing items you truly can't imagine parting ways with. Once you remove the clutter, you'll have a better idea of how much space you'll need. Plus, the idea of a fresh start with fewer items to transport may feel liberating.

What Can You Digitize?

Living in the 21st century means having access to advanced technology, making it possible to digitize items such as family photos, important documents or your grandchildren's art projects. Rather than lugging around boxes of paper items, you can simply save these artifacts on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Digitizing these items can also prevent wear and tear from damaging them during the move. If you aren't sure how to do this, Wichita offers Just Ask Lifelong Learning, a series of educational seminars on topics of interest to seniors, including technology basics, to help you gain these skills.

Why You Should Downsize Now!

Summer is the ideal time to focus on downsizing. Because the warmer weather motivates more people to travel and engage in outdoor activities, you'll likely have more success hosting a yard sale to get rid of unnecessary items. This can be easier than transporting them to donation centers. Homes also typically sell faster during this season, making the process less stressful and time-consuming.

Plus, summer provides a nice break before busier fall and winter schedules kick in. September to January is full of house preparations for colder weather and back-to-back holidays designed for spending quality time with family. Instead of using this precious time cleaning your house, you can relax knowing the move is behind you.

Downsize Without Sacrificing a Beautiful, Spacious Home

Wichita Presbyterian Manor offers numerous floor plans to accommodate varying lifestyle needs without sacrificing space. The Amelia is a high-ceilinged, two-bedroom apartment with two bathrooms, a kitchen with granite countertops and ample cabinet space, and an open-floor concept, creating a spacious living and dining area ideal for hosting guests.

With several windows throughout the apartment, you'll also experience plenty of natural light. Take a look at what two Amelia residents had to say about their experience with the apartment.

Resident Lois Short said, “We wanted something near the midrange in price and size. One of the bedrooms can be an office/bedroom or either as desired. I liked having the kitchen off the great room, especially when we wanted to extend the dining area. I have had as many as 12 for a sit-down meal. The living and dining area looked very comfortable."

JoLin Gardner said, “I wanted a space with two ‘bedroom areas’ with windows, one room for sleeping, one room to be used as a ‘den.’ As a traditionalist, I very much favored the Amelia, with its more formal entry and a separate kitchen area. The U-shaped kitchen at the back of the unit was much to my liking."  

If you're interested in exploring The Amelia or Wichita's other floor plans, call us today at (313) 202-3676 to schedule a tour and see what space meets your downsizing needs.

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