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Health and wellness adds Brain Fitness class

Living well and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle is a vital focus for Wichita Presbyterian Manor and many of our residents.

As part of our new wellness program, Carol Gibbon, health and wellness director, added a “Brain Fitness” class. This class offers tactics and brain exercises that stretch and increase brain muscles at a fun, engaging and social get-together. Handouts are provided, but discussions and individual and group work are incorporated. Brain exercises are important to promote brain function and keep synapses firing and the mind sharp and alert.

Our residents are finding this class to be fun AND beneficial, and the number of people coming increases each week! To learn more about the health and wellness opportunities that our residents enjoy at Wichita Presbyterian Manor, please call Melody Dodge, marketing director, or Cherree Hudspeth, marketing director, at 316-942-7456 or email them at or

PHOTO: Brain Fitness class attendees from left to right: Katy Bevill, Donna Berner, Jack Skelton, Liz Hicks, Barbara Addison, Sharon Chester and Pat Wiebe.

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