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Cooking at the core of family gatherings

Joan and John Markowitz’ children live in various corners of the country, but they are intentional about getting everyone together as often as they can.

And when they do, home cooked meals take center stage.

“We get together at least once a year,” Joan said about the family, which includes their four children, 12 grandchildren, and eight great grandchildren. “When we do get together both my daughters and myself love to cook. We have a meatball recipe that everyone loves - it’s a tradition to have that. Otherwise, we’re pretty traditional. It’s really wonderful when we get together. We love to cook - and eat, drink and be merry.”

Joan and John made the move the Wichita Presbyterian Manor in September. Joan has an apartment in assisted living, while John lives in the Memory Care area.

“I love my little apartment,” Joan said. “I overlook the courtyard in the back. It’s so nice, and I like that. I get my breakfast with some new friends I’ve made, then lunch and dinner in the Memory Care area with my husband.”

Joan said the transition has been made easier by the friendliness of staff and residents.

“Everyone here is so nice,” Joan said. “I’ve really enjoyed living here. There’s always something to do. You can’t be bored. I have played Bridge for 50 years and there are some nice folks here that I play with every Tuesday evening. I really enjoy Bingo, and that’s once a week. There are several people interested in playing Pitch, so I said I’d work on trying to get that started. There are all sorts of activities here for people. You just have to get out of your dwelling or your room and get acquainted with people.”

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