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Chaplain: Have some fun

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Betty Curtis[/caption]

By Greg Spring, Wichita Presbyterian Manor chaplain

In late October of this year one of our Westerly residents, Betty Curtis, took a trip to visit her sister in Denver. Betty's two daughters were also part of this trip. This pair of sisters, as Betty put it, had a good trip, which included a day in the snow.  

I thought to myself, what in the world would Betty be doing in the snow? It turns out this group of sisters selected one day to drive up to the mountains. They were in the mountains for just a part of a day, then back to civilization. According to Betty there was quite a bit of snow in this location.  

They got out of the car to enjoy the snow and they started making snowballs.  I asked, "Betty, did you get hit by a snowball?" She replied, "Of course, that's the purpose of a snowball."

There are two lessons from this incident. First of all, fun things like a snowball keep us young. We might grow old, but let's not grow up. The second lesson is obvious. If there is snow on the ground stay away from Betty or there might be a snowball fight.

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