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Active independent senior living is a lifestyle for Wichita Presbyterian Manor residents

We hear a lot about wellness these days – for some, it’s just a buzzword but for staff at Wichita Presbyterian Manor, wellness is a lifestyle designed with the residents in mind.

According to the National Wellness Institute, wellness is “an evolving process of achieving one’s full potential.” It can contribute to a long and healthy life and studies have shown that wellness programs make a difference for residents in senior living communities, impacting how satisfied they are with their overall quality of life at the community.

Wellness wheel graphic shows all elements of wellness: physical, environmental, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, occupational.

“The residents here love to stay active and that makes my job fun,” says Crystal Dawson, Wellness Director with Aegis Therapies®  at Wichita Presbyterian Manor. “I can offer a large variety of exercise and cognitive classes and they are always so welcoming to my ideas.”  

Wellness is much more than just physical activity. At Wichita Presbyterian Manor, it encompasses elements from the Wellness Wheel, including physical, intellectual, social, even spiritual activities.

“Wellness means staying active, aware and being able to advocate for yourself,” says Dawson, who has worked at the community since 2021. “It means keeping yourself moving and challenging your mind as well. As we age, we just don't lose our muscles, balance, and range of motion, we also find it harder to remember things. So, working on ourselves as a (full body or whole body) full circle instead of just one area is something so important to be aware of.”

In this post, we look at some of the programs at the community that help us standout while allowing you to live “The Way You Want to Live®.”

Physical Activities

Physical exercise has many benefits for older adults, and it can stave off some of the problems we face as we age. The programs and amenities at Wichita Presbyterian Manor make it easy to participate in activities that can help you fight off disease, lower your risk of falling, and improve your mental health.

You can find morning exercise classes daily at the community including:

• Seated and standing workouts that focus on strengthening upper and lower body and are available to residents of different abilities.

• Cardio kickboxing classes that are a great aerobic workout and can improve flexibility and coordination.

• Tai Chi, senior chair exercises like yoga, and balance exercises that emphasize keeping you steady.

Wichita Presbyterian Manor also has a beautiful pool area that allows residents to go swimming in an open pool setting or take part in a class.

“We’re lucky enough to have an indoor pool,” says Dawson. “This is huge perk, because aquatic fitness is a fantastic way of being able to exercise as we age without the strain, wear, and tear on our joints. It’s low impact and wonderful for our bodies.”

Photo of indoor pool
Many at Wichita Presbyterian Manor feel luck to have an indoor pool


Sometimes residents may need more specific therapies to recover from an injury, illness, or surgery.

“Knowing when we’re not at our best and being able to ask for help, such as therapy, is also so important,” says Dawson.

Our partnership with Aegis Therapies allows us to offer physical, occupational, and speech therapy to our residents and people in the community. The goal is to help them get back to their independent lives.

Photo of fitness center equipped with treadmills, stationary bikes, ellipticals and other exercise equipment
The fitness center at Wichita Presbyterian Manor is equipped with treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes and free weights

Brain Games

Wellness is not only about moving your body but also about keeping your mind sharp. Mentally challenging activities can help with focus and memory.

Dawson puts together a Brain Fitness package once a week, with different forms of brain games in it. A group of residents also meets weekly to play games, trivia, or do other fun cognitive exercises together.

Technology is also important for older adults. It helps you stay up to speed while also challenging you to learn something new.

“Technology is ever changing, and I always encourage residents to be open to using different forms of technology,” says Dawson. Our activities include video games like Wii Bowling.

And because we know learning is important to healthy aging, we value giving educational opportunities to both our residents and friends around the community at-large. Our popular Just Ask Lifelong Learning Series brings events on different topics geared towards seniors and their families. You can join us for financial seminars, educational workshops on dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, even fun, interactive events such as gardening over cocktails.

Another way to keep the mind stimulated is through art. Our signature Art is Ageless® program encourages residents and people in the Wichita area over 65 years old to discover their creative side. They can enter works of art in our exhibit and juried art competition and have a chance to be featured in our annual Art is Ageless calendar.

Spiritual Activities

We also know spirituality is important to many of our residents and we offer them many opportunities to practice their faith as they choose. We host bible study sessions and weekly worship services at our chapel on campus. Although we’re an organization of Presbyterian background, we respect people of all faiths and religious backgrounds.

Photo shows a group of residents in the pool at Wichita Presbyterian Manor, two of them at looking at the camera
Residents enjoy aquatic fitness class

Wellness is a lifestyle at Wichita Presbyterian Manor

When searching for a retirement community, many seniors admit looking for one with lots of wellness programs and activities. Amenities such as a pool and fitness center, libraries, chapels, or spaces to be creative and social can make a difference in the decision-making process. Studies have also shown that senior living residents who participate in wellness programs are happy with their overall quality of life at the community.

At Wichita Presbyterian Manor, the amenities are only part of what makes wellness a lifestyle. Our calendar is full of fun activities, classes, and even day trips to keep both the mind and body active as we age. Everything is designed with our residents’ wants and needs in mind.

“I take pride in getting to know the residents,” Dawson says. “This is their home, and I am here for them. Knowing what they like and do not like is big. I would not offer something they expressed disinterest in, expecting for them to come, enjoy, and gain from it.”

To learn how we can help you reach your wellness goals while living at our community, contact our team online or by calling 316-202-3676 to schedule a tour.

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