Lifelong Learning

Exploration and discovery are a vital part of living well and play a key role in healthy aging. In fact, studies show that people who stay stimulated intellectually throughout life are typically happier and healthier.

In addition to art classes, poetry readings, lectures and other regularly scheduled activities, Wichita Presbyterian Manor hosts a wealth of resources to keep minds actively engaged, including computer equipment loaded with PointerWare software specifically designed for ease of use by seniors. Work stations with the software are located in The Westwinds independent living and The Cottonwoods assisted living neighborhoods. The campus also participates in a study with Wichita State University to determine how the use of social media can reduce isolation in seniors. Residents participate in computer classes, learning to use a senior-friendly social network to connect with family and friends who live off campus.

The campus also features two libraries, one in the commons and another in the assisted living neighborhood.

Just Ask

In addition, we offer Just Ask educational sessions to the general public as well as our residents, presenting the latest information on topics of interest to older adults. Topics include senior fitness, warning signs of Alzheimer's disease and heart disease, financial planning and how to avoid scams.

Beyond the learning opportunities available on campus, Wichita Presbyterian Manor offers a regular schedule of tours and day trips.